Corpus Arxiu de Tradicions de l’Alguer

The Archive of Alguerese Traditions Corpus consists of several longitudinal ethnological texts recorded in the summer or autumn of 1997 which in total represent 150 minutes of recordings. The participants in the ethnological texts were two women aged 60+ who had spent their lives in l’Alguer.

This data was collected by asking questions to prompt speakers to talk and reminisce freely, but with as little intervention on the part of the interviewer as possible. Thus, in this corpus one can find personal narratives, poems, fiction, songs and jokes.

Data collection was carried out by Luca Scala (president of the Arxiu de Tradicions de l’Alguer).

How to cite this corpus:

Armangué, Joan; Scala, Luca (1997). L'Alguer. Primera campanya de gravacions de literatura popular de tradició oral. []