Associations and Public Bodies

Municipality of l’Alguer

Centre de Recursos Pedagògics “Maria Montessori”. This institute offers support for teachers wishing to promote Alguerese language and culture.

Obra Cultural de l’Alguer. An association whose goal is to promote the culture and linguistic heritage of l’Alguer.

Mass media in Alguerese

Catalan TV. A l’Alguer-based TV channel created in 2004 that, in agreement with the Catalan Broadcasting Corporation, offers about 60% of its programming in Catalan.

Vilaweb l’Alguer. Vilaweb is an independent Catalan-language electronic daily newspaper based in Barcelona. It hosts a portal focusing on l’Alguer. The Catalan-language online version of the daily newspaper Diari de l’Alguer. It offers information on a wide variety of topics.



El català de l’Alguer: un model d’àmbit restringit. A document drafted principally by Luca Scala, an expert on Alguerese and long-time director of the Maria Montessori Center for Educational Resources. This description of the variety of Catalan spoken in l’Alguer was intended to serve as the basis for standardizing Alguerese as a first step to language instruction in schools. In 2002 this document was given the seal of approval of the Institut d’Estudis Catalans, the Barcelona-based body responsible for the regulation of the Catalan language.

Lèxic alguerès. A collection of Alguerese lexical items taken from from the aforementioned El català de l’Alguer: un model d’àmbit restringit.

Enquesta d’usos lingüístics a l’Alguer 2004. The goal of this survey on language use in l’Alguer was to study speakers‘ linguistic abilities in Alguerese, Sardinian and other languages, as well as the degree of intergenerational transmission of Alguerese. To this end interviewers recorded the first language of interviewees, their language of habitual daily use, language use at home and in other contexts, interviewees’ attitudes towards the various languages in question and the kinds of social representations that existed for each of those languages.

Legislació relacionada amb l’alguerès. Website about legislation related to Alguerese, by Gabriel Bibiloni.



Franca Masu's Myspace page. Franca Masu is a Sardinian singer who, along with Claudio Sanna and Càlic, embodies the revival of popular music sung in Alguerese.

Claudio Sanna's Myspace page. Alguerese singer and composer who in 1981 founded Càlic, a band rooted in traditional Sardinian-Alguerese music. At present, Claudio Sanna is involved in a musical project with the Rall Trio.