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Prosodic phrasing


Nuclear configurations

L+H* L%

L+¡H* L%

L* HL%

L+H* HL%

L* M%

L+H* M%

L+H* LM%

L+H* LH%

L* HH%

L* LH%

L+H* HH%

L+H* H%

L* L%

H+L* L%

H+L* HL%


H* L%


Nuclear configurations


16 types of nuclear configurations have been found in Catalan, in which a pitch accent appears combined with a boundary tone. In nuclear position, it is possible to find:

  • L+H* combined with 8 different boundary tones:
    L%, M%, H%, LH%, HL%, HH%, LM% or LHL%
  • L* combined with 5 different boundary tones:
    L%, M%, LH%, HL% or HH%
  • H+L* combined with 2 different boundary tones:
    L% or HL%
  • H* combined with L%

By clicking the schematic contours in the Nuclear configurations menu on the left, you will get information about the contexts in which each of these nuclear configurations are found along with examples of each type.