Interative Atlas of Spanish Intonation

The goal of the Interactive Atlas of Spanish Intonation is to systematically present a series of audio and video materials for the study of prosody and intonation, representing a number of Spanish dialects.

Using the interactive map, the user can easily access the following materials, which are available for each dialect represented here:
- a survey of situations, with examples of different intonation contours which are used to encode various semantic nuances
- a recording of semi-spontaneous speech using the Map-Task method
- a video interview containing a short clip of spontaneous speech.

This project, a collaboration among various universities and research groups internationally, aims to propose a ToBI labeling system that accounts for different languages. The Sp_ToBI proposal for prosodic labeling of Spanish can also be found on this website, along with a manual with interactive exercises for self-study.



Interactive Atlas of Spanish Intonation
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