This website was elaborated by the GrEP (Grup d’Estudis de Prosòdia / Group of Prosodic Studies).

Cat_ToBI Training Materials team:


Lourdes Aguilar (UAB) · e-mail

Carme de-la-Mota (UAB) · e-mail

Pilar Prieto (ICREA-UPF) · e-mail


Working team

Joan Borràs-Comes

Verònica Crespo

Rafèu Sichel-Bazin

Jill Thorson

Maria del Mar Vanrell


Data collectors

A good portion of the data corresponds to the recordings made for the following chapter, and the speaker is a Central Catalan speaker from Figueres.

Prieto, P. (in press). The Intonational Phonology of Catalan. Sun-Ah Jun (ed.). Prosodic Typology 2. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Another part of the data was collected by the team of the Interactive Atlas of Catalan Prosody.

To get more information, see the Research teams page of the Atlas website.

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