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Grants and Programs



Different institutions offer grants for students who want to participate in research groups and do postgraduate courses. In this UPF webside there is a good summary of the grants available:


MA and PhD Programs

The members of the group teach in the following MA and PhD programs:

Theoretical and Applied Linguistics - MA

This is basically an academic and research programme providing postgraduate training in a variety of areas of theoretical and applied linguistics and which feeds lines of doctoral research in these fields as well as in computational linguistics and discourse analysis. The master's degree also has a professional aspect associated, above all, with language learning and lexicography and terminology. Click here for further information.

Cognitive Science and Liguistics - MA

CCiL is an interdisciplinary postgraduate program (Master’s and PhD) in Cognitive Science taught jointly by some of Catalonia’s leading universities. It has been designed to overcome the academic barriers that have grown up between the various disciplines that make up this broad field of study. The program focuses primarily on perception and language acquisition, the syntactic and semantic processing of speech, the relation between semantics and cognition, the logical structure of language and the epistemological and conceptual foundations of its study, the computational analysis of language and the relation between the different disciplines of Cognitive Science. Click here for further information.

Advanced Studies in Catalan Language and Literature - MA

The main objective of this master's degree is to provide specific training for students aiming to work on research into the Catalan language and literature, and to apply the acquired skills and knowledge to professions directly related with language and literature. This includes working as secondary school teachers, in publishing houses (assessment of publications, collections, handling of original manuscripts), planning activities to promote the language, and proofreading services for all types of businesses and institutions. Click here for further information.

Spanish Language and Hispanic Literature - MA

Providing researchers with complete and in-depth theoretical and practical training in the fields of Spanish language and Hispanic literature. Preparing professionals to carry out different tasks related to language and literature: teaching at all levels, cultural management, language industries (proofreading, editing, compilation of dictionaries, etc.), advertising and communication media, translation, etc. Click here for further information. 

Phonetics and Phonology - MA

This MA lasts onw year (60 ECTS) and it is articulated around 3 modules. The first two modules (phonetics and phonology) are common for all students. The third modules can be chosen among four specialities. Click here for further information.

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