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Postdoctoral researcher

Edifici La Nau (UPF)
Tel. 93 542 1114

Personal website

Núria Esteve Gibert

Research interests

First and second language acquisition
Integration of gesture and phonology
Prosodic and pragmatic development


Current Projects

Audiovisual prosody
The acquisition of audiovisual prosody and meaning
Temporal relationship between prosody and gesture


Selected publications

Esteve-Gibert, N., Prieto, P. & Liszkowski, U. (submitted).  Twelve-month-olds use gesture shape and prosody to interpret social intentions. Developmental Science.

Esteve-Gibert, N., Prieto, P., & Pons, F. (under review). Nine-month-old infants are sensitive to the temporal alignment of prosodic and gesture prominences. Infant Behavior and Development.

Armstrong, M., Andreu, Ll., Esteve-Gibert, N. & Prieto, P. (in press) Children’s online processing of morphosyntactic and prosodic cues in overriding context-based hypotheses. To appear in the special volume of Probus “Language Acquisition in the 21st Century: Theory and Methodology”, ed. by Juana Liceras and John Grinstead.

Esteve-Gibert, N., Liszkowski, U. & Prieto, P. (in press). Prosodic and gesture features of Catalan child-directed speech. M. E. Armstrong, N. Henriksen & M. M. Vanrell (Ed.) Interdisciplinary approaches to intonational grammar in Ibero-Romance. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Esteve-Gibert, N. & Prieto, P. (2014) Infants temporally coordinate gesture-speech combinations before they produce their first words. Speech Communication 57, pp. 301-316.

Esteve-Gibert, N. & Prieto, P. (2013). Prosody signals the emergence of intentional communication in the first year of life: evidence from Catalan-babbling infants. Journal of Child Language 40(5), pp. 919-944.

Esteve-Gibert, N. & Prieto, P. (2013). Prosodic structure shapes the temporal realization of intonation and manual gesture movements. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research 56(3), pp. 850-864.


Check my personal website for a complete list of publications, conference presentations, and posters.

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