The purpose of this workshop, which will take place in conjunction with the Conference in Phonetics and Phonology in Iberia 2011 (PaPI 2011), is to advance in the development of a common transcription system for Romance languages within the Tones and Break Indices (ToBI) framework. This is a natural follow-up of previous workshops we had (at PaPI 2005, on Sp-ToBI; at PaPI 2007, on Transcription of Intonation in the Ibero-Romance Languages, at PaPI 2009, on Sp_ToBI) and a great opportunity to bring together recent advances in research on the transcription of intonation in several Romance Languages.

The main goal of this workshop is to advance in the proposal of a consensus analysis of Romance intonation by taking into account data from different language varieties. The workshop will have the format of a series of presentations for each of the nine Romance languages represented in the workshop (Catalan, French, Friulian, Italian, Occitan, Portuguese, Romanian, Sardinian and Spanish), which will be continued by open discussions that will have the goal of using a general and transparent intonational analysis for all Romance varieties.

Presentations will make a proposal of the target pitch accents and boundary tones needed for each language. These units should be able to represent the basic intonational contrasts found in the language and its dialectal varieties. The basic intonational contours will be shown for each language (and dialectal varieties where needed). Importantly, both the methodology (role-play interviews) and the database is common to all nine languages.

PPT presentations and sound files for each language will be distributed to all participants prior to the workshop, so that differences in analysis and labeling can be contrasted. The package should be sent by June 1st, 2011.

A publication is envisaged to serve as a forum for the dissemination of the workshop results.

Universitat Pompeu Fabra Universidade de Lisboa Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Design & implementation: Joan BorrĂ s-Comes