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Investigadora predoctoral (becària DFG)

Cotutel·la internacional entre el Grup d'Estudis de Prosòdia (GrEP - Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Espanya) i el Institut für Linguistik (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, Germany)

Campus de la Comunicació de la Universitat Pompeu Fabra
C/Roc Boronat 138,
08018, Barcelona.

Office 53.204
Tel. 93 542 1114

Paula G. Sánchez-Ramón

About her

Paula Ginesa Sánchez-Ramón is a first-year PhD student developing her research under an international joint cotutelle between Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain) and Goethe-Universität (Frankfurt am Main, Germany).
She holds a B.A. in Primary Education and Teaching (Universitat Jaume I) with a specialization in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Universidad Internacional de La Rioja), and an M.A. in Learning Difficulties and Language Disorders with a concentration in Speech and Language (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya). During her studies, she was awarded two Erasmus+ scholarships: one at Uniwersytet Gdański (Gdańsk, Poland) and the other at Universidade do Porto (Porto, Portugal).
Her main research focuses on the prosodic and gestural marking of information structure in Catalan-speaking adults, as part of the Priority Programme "Visual Communication. Theoretical, Empirical, and Applied Perspectives (ViCom)", funded by the DFG (German Research Foundation).


Research Interests

  • Prosody
  • Gesture studies
  • Information Structure
  • Gesture-speech development


Current Projects

  • Co-speech gestures and prosody as multimodal markers of information structure.

Design and implementation: / Joan Borràs-Comes