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Prosodic phrasing


Prosodic phrasing

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Level 0

Break indices of level 0 (BI 0) are used to mark cohesion between orthographic words. Orthographic words separated by BI 0 constitute a prosodic word (PrWord) that may bear only one pitch accent.


Demana-ho a la Maria!
[Ask Mary!]

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In this example, there are five orthographic words, but only two PrWords.

The first PrWord is demana-ho, constituted of two orthographic words, the verb demana and the clitic pronoun ho. The second PrWord is a la Maria, constituted of the preposition a, the definite article la and the name Maria. Neither the clitic pronoun, the preposition nor the article can bear any accent on their own, they need to be attached to other words to form a PrWord together. Thus, demana and ho, and a, la and Maria, are separated by the BI 0.

How to discriminate between BI 0 and BI 1: click here