Atles interactiu de l'entonació del català

Map Task


The Map Task is a validated technique in which two subjects cooperate to complete a specified task. It is designed to cause the subjects to produce particular interrogative patterns. Each of the two subjects has a map of an imaginary town marked with buildings and other specific elements such as fountains and monuments. A route is marked on the map of one of the two participants (to see this version of the map, use this link: mapa-giver1, mapa-giver2), and that person has the role of the instruction-giver. The version of the same map held by the other participant (see mapa-follower1, mapa-follower2) differs from that of the instruction-giver in that it does not show the route to be followed. The second participant therefore has to ask the instruction-giver questions in order to be able to reproduce the same route on his or her own map.



Atles interactiu de l'entonació del català
Dept. de Traducció i Ciències del Llenguatge
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Atles interactiu de l'entonació del català
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