Interative Atlas of Spanish Intonation


The goal of the Interactive atlas of Spanish intonation is to systematically present a series of audio and video materials for the study of prosody and intonation in the various dialects of Spanish. It is intended as the first step in a comprehensive study of the great dialectal diversity present in the intonation of this language. By means of interactive maps of linguistic domains, the user can conveniently access various audio and video materials which best exemplify the different varieties of Spanish described. For each geographic location marked on these maps, we have included the following types of materials:

  • Examples of different types of intonation contours (roughly 20 contours per locale). Each set of files includes a description and interpretation of the contour, an audio file, the fundamental frequency curve and intonation contour, and Sp_ToBI labeling.
  • A fragment of speech obtained by means of the Map Task technique.
  • A videotaped fragment of spontaneous speech or an informal conversation that has been taken from various recordings made by the several groups.

This project forms part of a program of international scope that proposes a system of tonal labeling (ToBI) for different languages ( ~ Tobi /). A manual describing how to apply this labeling system to the different intonational patterns of Spanish can be accessed at this website.

We hope that this website will be a useful tool for both research and teacing purposes. For researchers, it offers audio for the study of Spanish prosody and intonation. For teachers, the website provides easy access to audio samples of intonation from different dialects of Spanish. Using the Sp_ToBI manual, one can also learn how to prosodically label samples from spokan Spanish in an interactive way.


Interactive Atlas of Spanish Intonation
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Group of Prosodic Studies

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 Citation: Prieto, Pilar & Roseano, Paolo (coords). 2009-2013. Atlas interactivo de la entonación del español.