Bellaterra, Barcelona | April 20-21, 2009
Coordinators: Pilar Prieto & Eliseo Diez-Itza

This workshop is being co-organized by the GrEP (Group of Prosodic Studies) and the AEAL (Association for the Study of Language Acquisition), and will focus primarily on Phon and the related PhonBank database initiative within the CHILDES Project. The main goal of the workshop is to receive practical training on the new tools that are being incorporated into Phon and also to formulate feedback that will contribute to the program's future development, which in turn will steer up research on phonological acquisition. It will then show the progress in the area of phonology, which was earlier one of the more difficult areas in child language in terms of lack of precise data.

The workshop will consist of a tutorial by the invited speaker, Dr. Yvan Rose (Memorial University of Newfoundland & Collegium de Lyon), which will address the current use and usefulness of Phon for the projects on phonological development research. The workshop will close with the talk "For a sensible approach to the analysis of child phonological data", by Dr. Yvan Rose.

In addition, the workshop will include of a series of short presentations by participants, with a summary and discussion of the research on CHILDES Databases and phonological acquisition that is currently being conducted within the GrEP  and other groups. These presentations will outline and discuss the main goals of the investigations and will identify the current use and usefulness of Phon for the projects, as well as the needs to steer Phon's development accordingly.


The workshop is open to AEAL members. Please contact Eliseo Diez-Itza before April 7th.